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Installing FreeDESK

Download a Release

Download the latest recommended release from the download page in tarball or zip format.

Extract the release and copy the resultant folder/files to your web directory of choice.

Initial Setup

Navigate in a browser to the installation directory, you will be redirected to the setup page.

Follow the on-screen instructions to create an initial configuration. This can be saved automatically if the config directory is writeable by the web server.

For example under Linux:

   # chmod 777 config

If the directory is not writeable by the web server you will need to copy and paste the configuration data into the config/Config.php file.

Select to preform a fresh install.

Set an admin password of your choice.

Logging In

Delete the setup.php file in the installation directory (if you don't do this it will automatically redirect to this file).

Now either click on the login link or point your browser again at the install directory.

Click on the analyst link and login as admin with the password you entered earliest.

Setting up FreeDESK for First Use

Once you are logged in you can do some initial setup for example setting up statuses for requests, users and teams.

These options are under the System - System Settings menu option. For more information see the FreeDESK Administrators Guide.

Using FreeDESK

For more information please read the Introduction to Using FreeDESK.

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